Be BOLD. Be Strong. Be All In.


Our approach to your health and wellness is to ignite self-transformation through total fitness.

We promote community by moving, sweating, and feeling good together. Our highly effective 30 & 45 minute workouts are designed to get you fitter, faster. We combine everything you need- strength, cardio, power, mobility, and core stability. This allows you to choose what style of class suits your personal fitness goals while maintaining the freedom and flexibility to challenge yourself on a daily basis.

Variety is key for the mind, body, and soul. Join us and you will never be bored with your fitness routine.

Exercises and intensity levels will vary; all levels welcome.

Our classes include:

Arms & Abs. An upbeat 30-minute zone-focused workout will create sleek definition in your upper body. This hits everything above the belt- arms, abs, back, shoulders, and chest. We use a variety of equipment to get the job done.

Body Sculpt. Define and strengthen your body in this awesome muscle conditioning class combining cardio and strength exercises. Work a multitude of muscle groups while moving through different stations in the gym. This workout is designed to define your muscles, build endurance, and give you the results you desire. We use TRX, kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, and body weight to tone your upper body, lower body, and core! A total body, high intensity workout, all done in 30 minutes flat.

Glutes & Abs. This is exactly what it sounds like! This 30-minute class will lift your booty and tone your core through a variety of body weight and resistance training exercises designed to target the areas which support your lower back and provide the foundation of your body.

Power 30 & Power 45. These classes work to build strength and power while burning calories, toning your entire body, increasing core strength, and improving bone health. A variety of weight training equipment changes the shape of your body – no muscles get neglected! Power 30 is 30 minutes. Power 45 is 45 minutes.