You’ll be part of the pack without being lost in the crowd! Truly personalized small group training from personal training experts!

Our Mission:

At Zweet Sport, we promote a sense of community; move together, sweat together, feel good together!

Our studio mantras guide our students to find their inner strength:

  • Discover your mind. Learn your heart.
  • Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
  • Dare to be present.

Why Us?

  • Highly effective workouts in 30 minute sessions, designed to get you fitter, faster
  • Variety of classes daily
  • Motivating, inspiring instructors who are true fitness professionals
  • Comfortable, loving community atmosphere
  • Locally owned and operated

Workout Theory:

At Zweet Sport Total Fitness, we are firm believers that variety is key for the mind, body, & soul. Our small group fitness classes combine everything you need to ignite self transformation through total fitness.

  • All of our classes offer elements of strength, cardio, power, mobility, yoga, and core stability, but each in different ways. That means you can choose what style of class suits your personal fitness goals while maintaining the freedom and flexibility to challenge yourself on a daily basis. You’ll never be bored at Zweet Sport Total Fitness!
  • In addition to our classes each being different, our skilled and passionate instructors also bring their own personal flair and philosophy to class. They will challenge you with different movements and equipment, but are also experts in how to help you adapt moves to your fitness goals and levels, and most importantly prevent injury.
  • Our overall approach to fitness is built into our class schedule—you’ll see that different days of the week focus on different muscle groups in order to account for recovery time for optimum results.

We provide a fun, personalized, and community-driven environment where our goal is to make you feel amazing in your skin and confident in your body.

Live the Zweet life: Be BOLD, Be Strong, Be All In