Our dedicated Personal Trainers ignite self transformation through total fitness.

At Zweet Sport Total Fitness, our elite personal trainers are highly certified in a range of specialties. We specialize in strength and endurance training, stretching & mobility, Olympic-style lifts, Crossfit, Kettlebells, TRX, plyometrics, group fitness, core activation, as well as nutrition. We help clients achieve goals from muscle building, losing body weight, to maintaining a healthy lifestyle & diet.

Our personal trainers are always finding the newest research to hone their skills through regular continuing education. We also pride ourselves on researching the latest studies on igniting self transformation through total fitness to truly benefit our clients.  The benefits of finding a mind, body and soul connection lead to better sleep, decreased stress levels, and to happier & healthier lives.

We offer personalized training and attention that is the key to lifelong, injury-free fitness. Our elite team designs highly individualized fitness programs that fit every-BODY.  At Zweet Sport Total Fitness, we promote a sense of community; move together, sweat together, feel good together!

Marja Toan, Founder & Master Personal Trainer

Marja is a Figure Universe Pro Athlete, Certified Master Personal Trainer, Indoor Cycle and Hot Yoga Instructor, plus a Lifestyle Wellness Coach & Holistic Nutritionist.  She has been in the health and fitness industry since 1999. She enjoys combining elements of yoga & Pilates, functional movements & weight lifting, plus cardio into a workout in order to maximize coordination, flexibility, and to challenge the mind and body. Her focus is on balancing proper whole food, plant based nutrition with safe and effective exercises to help clients achieve their fitness & nutrition goals.

Marja promotes sustainable health through a balanced lifestyle & enhanced spiritual well-being. Her goal is to help clients connect with their souls, transform their bodies, empower their minds, and fall in love with themselves and their lives.

Killian Gallagher, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

Killian is a AFPA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Cycle Instructor & FirstAid/CPR certified. His expertise includes: Cross Movement Pattern Training, Functional Training, Youth & Adult Strength and Conditioning Training, Power/Strong Man and Olympic Lifting, Sports Specific Training, Core/Stability Training, Multi-Muscle Group Balancing Technique Training, Corrective and Preventative Exercise, Mobility Specialist, Fat Loss and Weight Reduction, Physique Enhancement, Athletic Speed, Strength, and Agility Training.

His passion for fitness began through his love of sports at a young age. His approach to fitness emphasizes age-appropriate programming with a specific focus given to cardiovascular and strength training in combination with balance and flexibility training. He establishes long-term client interactions with the goal of integrating exercise and optimal wellness into the demands of daily life.

For over a decade, he has dedicated ample time to learning about various styles of fitness training. His goal as a trainer is to empower others to fully embrace the habit of a daily workout and attain the everlasting benefits of a healthy lifestyle. He believes health and fitness should be seen as a lifelong goal and not a short-term fix to whatever immediate desire we might have. It is a sure way to gain passion in doing so and enjoy the game of an overall healthy lifestyle!

Anne Tisdell, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Anne is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Sports Performance Specialist, a certified Cycle Instructor, and a 200 RYT yoga instructor. She loves working with clients of all levels, whether their goal is to improve at a specific activity, or to gain strength and mobility for everyday life,

When she’s not in the gym, you can find her out on the trail or hanging from a cliff. Anne is an avid rock climber and an accomplished ultramarathon runner, with top 10 finishes in races ranging from 50K to 200 miles. She loves using racing and climbing as a way to push her limits and see the world.

Christina Ross, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Christina is a Cycle Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. After a decade of training with friends in the gym and at fitness classes around the city, she joined Zweet as a trainee in 2019 and quickly became motivated to join the team as an instructor. She enjoys a wide variety of exercise forms and is always looking for new opportunities to learn something new, and help trainees excel.

Christina loves working with clients of all levels, to improve specific skills, gain strength, and improve overall health. She aims to empower others to integrate exercise into their lives, and benefit from the positive physical and psychological effects of living an active lifestyle. Driven by the knowledge that exercise is something everyone can benefit from and be great at; she is focused on supporting client new to a workout program as well as those looking to increase the intensity of their exercise efforts.

When she’s not in the gym, you will find Christina playing tennis with her friends, taking a long walk to brunch, or bicycling one of the many D.C trails. A bit of a foody, its safe to say on rainy days she’ll be in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe.

Heather Pritchett, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Heather is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Certified Nutrition Coach who strives to make fitness fun and functional! After navigating her own wellness journey, Heather discovered a passion for helping others progress in their fitness and nutrition goals. She aims to support clients in finding fitness and nutrition approaches that are sustainable for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Heather understands that there is no quick fix, and real, lasting change is made through small habits over time.

As a nonprofit executive by day, she enjoys spending her time out of the office in the great outdoors biking, hiking, and camping. She welcomes fitness newbies and fanatics alike to her classes! Just getting started with diet and nutrition? Or been there, done that, and jaded by it all?  Heather wants to help you evolve into your happiest and healthiest you!

Emily Reichard, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Emily is a group fitness instructor, cycle instructor, and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She loves sharing her enthusiasm for fitness and hopes to empower each and every person she trains to push past their boundaries. Having recovered from ACL surgery herself, she is mindful of trainees with injuries and the mental blocks that can occur with returning back to exercise. She is also a devoted lifter, so she welcomes trainees that want to focus on improving heavy lifts and more complex movement patterns.

An engineer by degree, Emily co-owns a consulting firm that specializes in automotive safety. Outside of her business and the gym, she enjoys going to concerts, playing video games, and drinking a good glass of red wine.

Lauren Stewart, Personal Trainer

Lauren brings a decade of experience to her training clients to deliver challenging, fun and effective workouts to help reach their goals. Her training style emphasizes dynamic movement to improve performance in all aspects of daily activity, from walking up the stairs or carrying groceries all the way to marathon training or hitting that new squat PR. Lauren believes that everyone’s best self is already within them and her coaching is dedicated to bringing that out through her clients results and achievements.

Stephen Hardy, Personal Trainer

Stephen’s interest in fitness and health comes from his time spent as a division 1 tennis player and coach.

Tennis requires the development of hand eye coordination and special awareness which he uses as a focal point with his clients.

Helping them become a more balanced individual through yoga, breath work, optimal mobility, range of motion and strength training.