Zweet Sport is a mind and body experience where every beat is a breakthrough and every push helps you shatter your own limits. The new cycle studio is outfitted with Stages Indoor Bike Technology, enhanced by our stadium-style seating, expert lighting and sound engineering, plus vibrant community.  Each class will transport you to a fully immersive fitness experience as our 30 and 45 minute classes are all you need to change the way you look and feel, defy your boundaries, and enhance your journey.

New to Zweet Sport Cycle Studio?

We recommend purchasing a drop-in, package or membership before coming into the studio.  With limited bikes, we can’t always guarantee you a spot, so we highly recommend registering online and signing our waiver.

Please arrive at the studio 5-10 minutes before your first ride, so we can give you a tour of the studio and help adjust your bike.  Bring with you a towel, water and an attitude of fun!

We DO NOT provide shoes! Our Stages Indoor Cycling Bikes come with SPD and LOOK clips, along with the tennis shoe slip-on feature.  We do highly recommend cycle shoes if you become an avid rider.

Just as you would with any new exercise, consult your doctor before starting up at Zweet Sport. Our rides offer a full body workout and a rigorous cardio experience, so make sure you listen to your body during your class. Your Instructor will help you reach your personal best, but your safety comes first. If at any time during or after a class you feel unusual symptoms, please notify us and/or seek medical attention.

Doors will be locked right on time, so we HIGHLY recommend showing up to classes 5-10 minutes earlier.  New students please arrive 10 minutes prior to class.