Kimberly Sickmen & Marja Toan

Fate must have brought us together, because we met at the gym 19 years ago. Since then, we have formed a friendship that was based not only out of our trust, love, and respect for each other, but also two huge areas of our lives that we connected on: living a healthy lifestyle, and doing it oh-so fashionably. Though we come from very different backgrounds, Marja from fashion and marketing, Kimberly from finance, we always sought common ground on our drive to be fit, and our enthusiasm for fashion. For us, Zweet Sport was a labor of love that grew out of many long days and nights of very hard work. From the beginning sketches of our Zweet Sport Athleisure Collection, to opening our first Zweet Sport Hot Yoga Studio, following our Zweet Sport Total Fitness Studio, we have always loved promoting healthy living and igniting self-transformation through yoga and total fitness.

We feel we have created the perfect blend of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We promote a sense of community; move together, sweat together, feel good together!

Please join us at one of our locations soon!

In Light, Love & Strength,